1979 was a particularly stellar year for galactic outer space horror film fare. At the time, super clean vessels were exploring space-the finale frontier-packed with clean-cut crews wearing brightly colored spandex uniforms, and no bathrooms in sight. And space monsters were mostly shag carpeting and saliva free. Three years after Star Wars rocked the sci-fi landscape, another type of science fiction was about to creep us out so badly that many movie patron’s stood in the lobby until the final credits rolled. From the brilliant minds of director Ridley Scott (Blade Runner) and screenwriter Dan O’Bannon (Total Recall) came this dark Gothic tale about a mining ship, sent to investigate an SOS, docs on a distant star to discover an alien life form. Alien has a great script, a great director, a great cast, and above all a great monster from the creative abyss of fine artist H. R. Giger. This highly imitated original sci-fi thriller is still one of the best.    

In Space No One Can Hear You Scream 

Please forgive me whilst I whisper
Something dreadful’s in the dark
Monster from another planet
Flesh digested foreign shark
Hides within the ship’s veneer
Teeth t’grind it doth appear
Oh… this dreadful abomination
Wants t’munch on me like bacon
As I crawl on belly aching
Pray thee lord my soul for taking
How I wish we stayed the course
Now the dead have much remorse
Docked to check an SOS
Deep in space how we digress
Oddest place I’ve ever been
Heinous ship drones steady din
Saw such things t’say oh-no
We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto
Now this thing is on the loose
Back t’earth we must vamoose
Acid spitting jaws in jaws
Greedy as it gnaws n’ gnaws
Whips its tail into the air
Cuts out throats devoid of err
Incubates within thy chest 
Pops out an unwanted guest
Hunts n’ eats n’ breeds n’ then
Begins the cycle all again
Awful hideous most bizarre 
Might I live my lucky star?
Now I hear it crawling near
Sopping Soaking Stinking fear
How I loath this ain’t no dream
In space, no one can hear you scream



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