Dear Kreepy Krawlers,

I first saw William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist, in a small suburban movie theatre nestled in the heart of Media, Pennsylvania–just West of Philadelphia. Afterwards, I slept with the lights on… for weeks. The idea
that the devil could just sweep into my body, and make me spew all over a priest had me absolutely terrified. I was an altar boy after all. I even knew where the Holy Water and the wine were stashed for goodness sake. I also hung around the priests, some old enough to remind me of the exorcist himself. While others had tales of actual exorcisms they had attended over the years. It was such a creepy existence after experiencing that
horror show.

The Exorcist, directed by Academy® Award-winner William Friedkin (The French Connection) is the scariest movie in the world. Period. I visit it only once in a blue moon after many glasses of wine or when I want to feel the warm release of my bowls. Such as after Regan (Linda Blair) walks backwards down the stairs like a spider in The Version You’ve Never Seen. Oh my God. I am sitting in a darkened theatre in Chicago, Illinois some thirty years later, knowing I can handle the scares because I know the film, I know it, every creepy nook and cranny. But when Regan runs down the stairs like an arachnid on speed I screamed along with several other unsuspecting souls. We all looked at each other. We were all going to be sleeping with the lights on… again.

So step on up, ladies and gentlemen! This is the original, the one and only most terrifying exorcism movie ever filmed. Watch it alone and in the dark, folks. I double-double-dare you.

In E†ernity,

The Kreep



Across the window pane an autumn leaf hovers
T’sway back and fourth
drop toward crooked street below
Float endlessly along concrete stairs
As hobgoblins n’ witches titter crosswalks
Whist beneath lamppost he stands in shadows
T’know duty holds him still
A Priest eyes the leaf,
Folding over n’ over
T’land at feet quite cold
How he knows what waits inside the girl
For it is endless
Without patience
All ego n’ bitterness scold
T’kill the slightest warmth
Bend most delicate devotion
Crush innocent soul
There in window peeking
Tiny leaf hitches another gust
T’disappear into the gloom
O’ exorcist t’cross himself
Stand more erect than his age permits
Removes his hat
T’approach such wickedness



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