The Kreep Pens Horror Film Poem *Jigsaw* For Halloween

For the entire month of October, I commemorate Hallowe’en. I do this by watching a classic horror film franchise such as Halloween or The Nightmare On Elm Street series from its terrifying beginning until its final bloody demise. Yet reminiscent of the monsters hacking their way through these adolescent slice n’ dicers, these horror films get right back up on their feet, and keep coming back for more screams, more jeers, not to mention our hard-earned dollars and cents. These brilliantly packaged blood-letters become a never-ending scream fest of splatter one-upsmanship, where it is no longer about the plot, but in the lofty Production design: developing exceptionally inventive ways to dispose of the current crop of beautiful people up there on the celluloid screen.

In that regard, the SAW franchise is no different. The fact that David Hackl, the Production Designer of SAW IIIII, and IV, directed SAW Vseems the perfect preference. And does SAW V look maniacally magnificent, and all of Jigsaw’s torture devices quite inspired and especially devastating in their wickedly painful ways. There are dozens of life-saving keys shoved in all of the inappropriate places, a really nasty sewer vault, bomb shelters to escape explosions, expanding and contracting walls, water-filled wrought-iron head caskets, beheading neck-tie traps, and pendulums ferociously swinging, whilst the body count could reach its peak supreme this time out. Yeah–SAW V really outdoes itself, returning to its roots.

But let’s be honest, my kreepy kritters, we do not sit in a darkened theater the week of Hallowe’en watching SAW V to experience anything but shear terror, and to relish in the fantastically familiar formula we have grown to fear and revere. These horrific films are as scrumptious as the candy corn that appears on the shelves in every supermarket come October–highly addictive fructose, sugar, and artificial sweeteners with no nutritional value whatsoever. Still it’s something we need to do every time the leaves turn orange and the weather cools, we shove those addictive sugar sweet candies in our mouth while we scream at the bloody “eye-candy” in such famous franchises as Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, John Carpenter’s Halloween, and now the infamous SAW series. This is, for better or worse, an American Halloween tradition.

In e†ernity,

The Kreep



I want to play a game
T’cut the cast of your conceit
Ungrateful fools abundant
O’ how simple rules pertain
Endure tic-toc, tic-toc,
Life’s transitory chore
Before the sport implodes
Sweet breathe departs
T’seize without pause
Reflect on consequence
Discern the ache of ignorance
Tear thy flesh
Pound thy bone
Squeeze crimson from a fleeting stone
See at once, eyes bulging,
Hear it now, ears brimming full,
Speak out, tongue purple swollen,
As wayward angels pluck thy chords
Blackened dirge T’your demise
C’est la vie
Game over!



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