‘Finch & Lily” Film Blogs On

The feature film Finch & Lily launches wordpress blog by the same name.

Starbrite Pictures, a division of R. Productions in Chicago , is developing a script by award-winning writer Richard O’Donnell entitled FINCH & LILY Columbia College’s Katie Mahalic is in talks to direct.

Ms. Maholic was this years recipient of Columbia Colleges Big Screen 13 film festival Audience Award for her short film Michael Saints, and her filmThe Mole, a 10-minute short is circulating through domestic and international film festivals. The film has screened in the U.S, Canada, Australia, and has just recently been accepted to the Euro-Asian Film Festival held in Washington D.C..

Appearing out of nowhere, a mysterious Albert Finch takes up residence at a rundown transient hotel in Chicago. There he befriends agoraphobic Lily Crumb and an array of characters that benefit in odd and miraculous ways from his simply being there. But Finch has a secret that will alter their lives forever, bringing a little bit of heaven to the residents of the Star Brite hotel.

Broadway composers Dianne Adams and Jim McDowell are tapped to score while stage, film and TV actress Megan Cavanagh is slated to star as Sister Olgelbee.

Pre-production begins Fall 2009.

Finch and Lily blog


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