The Kreep scribes poetic ditty for artist Whobyfire

Fine artist, sculptor, and doll maker extraordinaire, Whobyfire is from Sweden. She spends a lot of her time making fantastically macabre art such as strange dolls from clay, super-sculpey and steel-wire.

We think she’s über imaginative. A real “find”. In fact, our editor has many of her works, including the original Kreep doll. Imagine that?

Visit her. Fall in love with her treasures. Buy them. Show them off to art critics and friends. Giggle at how affordable they are, now, before she’s whisked away by an even greater success.

More Whobyfire:

> myspace

> twitter

“i’ve decided to burst my bubble again and let new creations climb out of my dark cave and see the world with half blind eyes. i just have to let them go so there’ll be room for new thougts, new energy, new dolls and sculptures in my mind. the ones who managed to climb out of my cave are now in my etsy shop.”

> Shop Whobyfire


O t’mold a tiny dream
a vision shared
a kreepy theme
at once prepared
by nights’ moonbeam
now declared
to which redeem
none compared
‘tis art supreme

In E†ernity,
Brazillia R. Kreep


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