The Kreep’s Deviant Art For Vincent Price

Deviant Art is a wonderful virtual art gallery. A social site whose pallet is brimming with fine artist of every genre and then some. Visit and peruse and/or post your own nasty visions for others to enjoy.

Below is a page from my miniature-illustrated book of poems entitled Kreepy Krumbs. The illustration is a nod to the film The Fly, and the poem, of course, to its star Vincent Price.

I met Vincent many years ago, in the Fall of ‘76. I spent a glorious weekend with him as he toured his one-man show about the rants and writings of Edgar Allen Poe. Vincent was grand, expressive, and quite mischievous. We were eating at a local diner-burgers and fries, if you can imagine-and the waitress kindly asked if her friend at the cashier might have his autograph. She was asking because her friend was simply too frightened to do so. Afterwards, we stood patiently in line to pay our bill. When he stood face t’face with the shy cashier, he waited until they locked eyes and then he bellowed “Boo”! She screamed a good one, and he laughed out-loud as only Vincent could.


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