The Kreep Offers His Heart

Dear ones,

Sitting in my chamber, reckoning shadows n’ the other murky spaces, I thought of love a new. Love–that elusive creature that somehow manages t’stay hidden in the shade. O’ how safely she watches me with an inquisitive stance.

Then suddenly, as it often happens, I grasp just how to coax her from the dim. A delicious dandy falls from between my ears. Ha. If there was ever going t’be a place for affection to congregate, I do believe a magnificent Ball should be arranged.

The illustration was created today. Look deeply into the art of it and suggest a theme for the Ball.

In E†ernity,
The Kreep

Post Script: Parthenia tells me that she adores dancing n’ masquerades. She too takes full credit for the inspiration. We will both write poems upon the matter forthwith.

Have a Heart


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