The Kreep Adores “Let Me In”

Dear Vampire Voyeurs,

I have walked with the vampire.  Each is as different as the mortals that fear them. They have their stories t’tell, often revealing them with guarded grace and simmering sadness.  They are masters of the spin.  For time is on their side.  Time is all they have.  Time refines all tales.

The film Let Me In is refined.  It is stunning, elegant, and terrifyingly sad, but then I never knew a vampire who danced above their grave without melancholy.

Visit this film in candlelight and then sit in the dark with the original Swedish offering Let the Right One In, taking the bloodied path to the brilliant novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist.  You will walk with vampires, too.

in E†ernity,
Brazillia R. Kreep

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