The Kreep’s ‘Crystal Carousels’

I have thought so sincerely
Through mind’s eye in heaven’s post
Inside sunrises clouds in thunder
Twinkling moist red luscious lips
Within rainstorms steamy sunsets
Underneath our pink umbrellas
Revolving crystal carousels
Dance a salsa dust to din
To onwards upwards as we touch there
Dearest dear so sweet vanilla
Apples whipped cream pumpkin pie
Tasted lips of cherry wonder
Scented lilacs dragonfly
Here to there in dew drops purple
Wading hand in hand secure
Loving one most adoring
Cheek by daring all n’ all
There in awestruck whippoorwills
Neither twisted tongues nor tails
Forever moon and stars above
Dream on scented passion pillows
Cradled glistening skin to stroke
Fingered feathers to giggling angels
Flames burn fields of billowing ghosts
Of ever more beyond tomorrows
See to be this yes we will

in e†ernity,

Brazillia R. Kreep
The Kreep


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