We’ll Dance for Evermore


When the moon is ripe,
T’devour somber night,
We’ll dance!
Under it’s belly t’water ourselves,
Floods from fancy rhythms,
Such wetness from the beat,
Endless as we swirl,
In succulent twirls,
Around each other,
A communion with the drums,
So deep pulsating ramblings,
My, God, then,
How we’ll dance!
Between each other,
Beyond a puzzle perfect fit,
We’ll capture our heart’s desire,
Sway it sassy back n’ fourth,
To in n’ out,
To all around us,
Grind a melody t’powder,
T’ hip-hug one another,
Snug within the fabric,
Drenched: the dancer’s glow,
O’ so liquid pools summon,
To enter thee,
Stroke the spin fantastic,
There, in utter breathlessness…
We’ll dance!
Keep the motion panting,
Hard t’soft,
T’all around us,
That luscious circle mill,
That kisses long t’longer still,
We’ll dance!
Dance t’rushes overflowing,
We’ll dance!
While lost tribes materialize,
Join olden celebration,
We’ll dance!
Flesh t’flesh,
N’ so the music goes,
‘Round our fires burning,
‘Til doves n’ dewdrops come on home,
We’ll dance!
Until near exhaustion,
Falling t’gentle kisses,
Two embracing souls,
T’welcome sleep together,
Where we’ll dream,
T’dance some more,
In total slumber,
Praise it all again,
Dear Lord,
We’ll dance for evermore!


in e†ernity,

Brazillia R. Kreep
The Kreep

© 2009


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