My dear kreepy fanatics of dismay,

Tonight we open the vaults to sip a vintage thriller from the summer of 1982:  Tobe Hooper’s horror banquet Poltergeist starring Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams and the late Heather O’Rourke as the beautiful Carol Anne.  A delicious jolt from beginning to end, this Steven Spielberg produced horror film was another blockbuster that scared the bejesus out of everyone.  We just didn’t see it coming. It was such a successful scare that it spawned two sequels that really depart from the original recipe so avoid them if you care. Rent or buy the first however.

Be forewarned, my horror connoisseurs, Poltergeist has shards of glass within the feast, so be careful where you bite. Bon Appétit!


In my chair thus buried deep
While all about me kinfolk sleep
Our television bid adieu
Embarked upon a queer voodoo
I heard within my dreamy state
The patriotic song sedate
Followed then by static high
Called t’Carol Anne, goodbye
Tiny feet with teeny toes
Daughter dear from bed arose
Creeping down the stairs t’see
Something in ye ole TV
It coddled her
It cuddled her
Excited n’ delighted her
T’which they gave her such a sneer
As Carol Anne doth chime, “They’re here!”
Then before the sun arose
Did suck her in from head t’toe
Next as if t’say beware
Left a stench within the air
O’my, our baby disappeared
Whilst horrid poltergeist premiered
A horror show of wicked things:
Atmospheric lightnings
Smashing, banging, biting too
Bleeding wells of human stew
Every day into the night
Scare t’scare n’ fright t’fright
Unrelenting as they played
Our little one fore’er betrayed
We had finally had enough!
Arrived t’us a wee sheriff
A mighty woman t’undue
All their hooey n’ hoodoo
Tangina knew right from the start
Said, “The house had many hearts.”
With rope n’ prayers n’ her bewares
Diane and I we climbed the stairs
T’face the demon without dread
Bring our daughter back instead
In the dark of darkest night
Tangina screamed, “walk toward the light”
Thus doing what she had t’do
Carol Anne returned anew
Hugs and kisses, horror tamed
“This house is clean,” our star proclaimed
But our story doesn’t end
Happy endings must amend
For come dusk when all was still,
How we got an awful chill
Once again while we snoozed
Devils danced and evil oozed
Came looking for their just reward
O’ haunted house above graveyard
Poltergeist pushed through a tear
Our fair-haired child sighs, “They’re here.”

in E†ernity,
The Kreep


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