Beware the Purple Pumpkin Patch

Dear macabre mates,

8 days, 21 hours until Hallowe’en.  Beware the Purple Pumpkin Patch.

Poem n’ illustration provided.

in E†ernity,
Brazillia R. Kreep
The Kreep

Purple Pumpkin Patch by Brazillia Kreep


Ne’er I thought that I would hatch
A ghastly purple pumpkin patch
But in my yard, behind thy gate
Old Mother Nature fashioned eight
Plump pesky pumpkins in the night
Fresh fancy fruits with teeth that bite
With eyeballs n’ a wicked wink
Ne’er they care what you might think
These willful pumpkins congregate
On Hallowe’en they’ll celebrate
Next trick or treat t’eat their fill
O’ thy kiddies’ sweets will spill
As they sneak n’ as they snatch
Then home t’purple pumpkin patch

In E†ernity,
The Kreep

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