what price fame?

What Price Fame?

When Vincent Price came out to play
All the children ran away
They’d scream and dream such awful things
Like long-fanged snakes and hornet stings
For Mr. Price was wicked see
T’bring such woes so eerily
Yet when he finally bid adieu
All the children did boo-hoo
They loved the thrills n’ chills he laid
And prayed he would come back someday


3 thoughts on “what price fame?

    • Brilliant. I actually spent a long weekend with the gentleman whilst he donned his Poe cap in another one man show he was touring in the late 70s.

      • Wow. That would have been a great experience. Yes he always struck me as a gentleman of the old school. I love that Simpsons episode where they pay tribute to the old master of the macabre. Marge is on the phone listening to Vincents voice on an answering machine..
        Lisa: Vincent Price! Is he still alive?
        Marge: Its hard to tell.

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