Stinky Winkey Stinkerton is a stinker

verse one

Stinky Winkey Stinkerton
Is a stinker through and through
He loved to throw a sucker punch
Then skedaddle n’ skiddoo
He’s the prince of nasty
The villain of despair
A tyrant of the horrible
Throwing tantrums in the air
From the shadows in the darkness
Out of thunder he’d emerge
Stinky Winkey Stinkerton
Was a vicious spiteful scourge
He’d scream just like a banshee
Appear just like a ghost
God forbid you were in reach of him
For he’d throttle you the most
In the closet
Under stairways
In the cellar down below
Where ever he could stalk you
Made him giggle all “psycho”
Oh yes,
He was a scoundrel
As mean as killer bees
That even politicians
Where forced upon their knees
To beg for his forgiveness
Please don’t pinch us,
Winkey, please!

in e†ernity,
Brazillia R. Kreep
The Kreep


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