The Kreep reads Kreeplets at Haunted Bordello


Tonight I’ll be reading my Kreeplets at THE HAUNTED BORDELLO.  Here’s a sample of the brood.

in Eternity,

The Kreep

Brazillia R. Kreep

When the moon is ripe red
Wolves howl to the dead
Whilst lone foghorn
Warned ships with its bellow

Port Townsend would heed
This omen indeed
Beware of the
Haunted Bordello

Many Men from the sea
Who ignored this decree
Drawn by hot
Lady bedfellow

Quite naked in need
Cut open to bleed
Stained sheets of the
Haunted Bordello

Oh my how they screamed
Their skin peeled then steamed
Sliced n’ diced and then iced
Crimson yellow

In October’s wake
Into ovens to bake
Yummy johns from the
Haunted Bordello

So be wary this inn
Where the wicked will grin
For Ravenrook is a very
Odd fellow

This Halloween night
Trick or treat with delight
But Beware of the
Haunted Bordello


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