New Kreeplet Giggles


Giggles was a vengeful clown
For he plotted all the days
Means to make the kiddies scream
In cruel and crafty ways

Balloons he filled with fatal gas
He juggled razor blades
Whilst squirting acid oust boutonnière
This he did in spades

He had a raven black as coal
Her name was Elderfare
She cackled songs of loneliness,
Destitution & despair

Plucking Ada’s eyeball out
Little Basil’s tongue she chewed
O’ how the audience hated her
As well, she loathed the brood

Giggles was a horrid clown
With bulbous nose pitch-black
Hair, greasy snakes n’ spider webs
T’fetch a heart attack

His skin was sweaty octopus
His teeth n’ gums were rank
His fingernails were bloody marked
On top of that he stank

From the bawls of rancid quagmires
To the bats in belfry fly
Giggles oozed egregiousness
T’make the demons sigh

So be weary twisted circus
O’ so luring come sundown
Lock away your kinder dear
For Giggle’s back in town

in E†ernity,
The Kreep

© 2014 Brazillia R. Kreep


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