When Valia first arrived
Her suitcases were packed with awe ‘n’ wonder
Scores of skies stuffed in splendor
Animal-shaped whirling clouds
Stars winking incantations
Moon-shaped unruly imaginings
Wrapped in dreams of centuries long-gone

When Valia first arrived
She sneezed to open up the doors
To fairies ‘n’ fireflies abundant
Unicorns trotting grand moss roses
Dragons popping hot popcorn
Witches on their broomsticks swirling
Wizards of an ancient world

When Valia first arrived
Ghosts ‘n’ goblins blew their trumpets
Parades of pumpkins pranced about
Autumn leaves waved hello t’see you later
Magic wands whooshed fancy wishes
As drums beat out a haunting rhythm
All lead by chilly ole Jack Frost

When Valia first arrived
We all loved her without question
Without want or need for more
For she was as will be always
Our special cherub full of heart
Gifted from the lovely goddess
In our lives forever more


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